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A traditional handmade Argentine dessert or appetizer containing the secrets of a century of cooking and eating. A surprising and flavorful experience. This wonderful and tasty tradition is a great dessert usually served with ice cream or whipping cream. Estancia Lucia's "Pumpkin in Syrup" is also delicious served with cheese either as a dessert or as an appetizer. Or wrap in prosciutto for a savory treat.

Argentina's climate and rich, lowland regions combine to make it one of the world's greatest food-producing nations. Native peoples from the northern part of Argentina were farmers who grew squash, melons, and sweet potatoes. Between 1880 and 1890, nearly one million immigrants came from Europe to live in Argentina. All of these cultures influenced the dishes of Argentina, creating deliciously unique flavors, such as 'Pumpkin in Syrup'.

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* serve a slice of Pumpkin with a piece of cheese (your choice) on a pick
* serve a slice of Pumpkin atop a crostini or cracker with chevre cheese (mix some of the syrup with the chevre)
* wrap prosciutto around a slice of Pumpkin
* serve Pumpkin in Syrup with vanilla ice cream

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