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Chef Erin Coopey showcases our products on King 5's New Day NW

The Magic Food of Argentina
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An article about our 'Pumpkin in Syrup' in
The Sunbreak

A nice mention of Magic Road products in Portland Picks for Men; Just scroll down to Mandatory Gear, look for 'Slick Oil'

Estancia Lucia olives featured in 'Abuelita's Empanadas' from Mae's Phinney Ridge Cafe.  Watch a video from King 5's New Day NW:


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10/23/2010 Posted by K.H.
I never knew that Argentina produces the most amazing olives and olive oils! I just tried the Estancia Lucia olives and extra virgin olive oil and found them to be light, rich and full of natural flavor. They are available at Ballard Market, Central Market and DeLaurenti's.

11/1/2010 Posted by Bob H.
Estancia Lucia is brand of a wonderful and traditional seasoning sauce from Argentina. It is one of several products available from a new Ballardimporter, Magic Road International. They feature wonderful meaty and flavorful olives (Arauco), and a very special Extra Virgin Olive Oil (San Juan brand) that is the equivelant of a single vineyard (orchard) offering as is possible. It has a fruity, yet subtle quality that excels when dipping bread slices. These items are currently available locally at a variety of outlets here and in Oregon - notably: Ballard Market, Central Market, The Salmon (at Fisherman's Terminal), Di Laurenti's at the market and a host of others. Check out the website. Hopefully, we'll see more from them in future.

10/24/2010 Posted by Sanjay B.
Argentina is well known for its wine and meat, but olives? I didn't know they produced meaty, flavorful olives, which is what I discovered in a jar of Estancia Lucia. These green olives have pits, so don't bite down hard! Savor them in your mouth and slowly work the olive meat off the pit. These olives were a perfect accompaniment with some red wine and bread dipped in olive oil.

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