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A unique green olive from Argentina is the varietal that gives this Extra Virgin Olive Oil its’ wonderfully smooth texture, fresh flavor and peppery finish. Excellent for use as a flavorful finishing oil to give that something ‘extra’ to whatever dish you might imagine.

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced with olives harvested by hand at their optimum ripening condition. Argentina's climate and rich, lowland regions combine to make it one of the world's greatest food-producing nations.

Color: intense green - yellow shade.
Smell: very intense fruity smell with green notes reminiscent of leaves, fresh cut grass.
Taste: fruity taste of green, sound, fresh olives with a peppery finish.

  • It's the only natural olive oil, obtained through an exclusively chemical free mechanical process.
  • It's the oil variety that provides more vitamins: A, E and D.
  • Of natural origin, it's healthy, nourishing and easier to digest.
  • Its oleic acid content when raw is beneficial for a normal osseous growth, and favors the normal development of the brain and nervous system of children.
  • Food is better fried because it can reach temperatures past 180º C.
  • It doesn't produce cholesterol and it's highly recommended for people with cardiac or circulatory disorders.
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