Magic Road International, Inc.

To supply South American specialty food imports and related items (starting with products from Argentina) to the North American consumer. We will develop sustainable growth by partnering with small and medium-sized South American Agribusiness to build a bridge to purvey the finest specialty food for the North American consumer.  MAGIC ROAD INTERNATIONAL, INC. is dedicated to helping small and medium-sized agribusinesses thrive and to create a successful market and market awareness for South American specialty foods.

A chance meeting in the Dallas Airport.  A filmmaker.  A Patagonian guide.  And, a short, ten-hour conversation. These events rolled all together, along with a film festival and a memorable dinner in Buenos Aires resulted in a MAGIC ROAD of food. [excerpt from a wonderful article written by Tim Mar from]

FROM THE PRESIDENT & CEO, ANN [the filmmaker]:

I have travelled to South America numerous times since 2005…mostly  traveling in Argentina – from Buenos Aires south to Mar Del Plata and north to Iguazu Falls, as well as many weeks in the Andes Mountains in the Northern Provinces, as well as Northern Patagonia. During these trips I have had no end of delicious food experiences – as I’m sure you know, Argentineans love to eat great food and drink great wine!  Upon each return to Seattle, I always wished I could bring these flavors with me. Thankfully, I had the good fortune to meet Maria [the Patagonian Guide], a delightful and intelligent business woman from Argentina, who is now my business partner.
Long story short – we decided to create Magic Road International, Inc.  We are very excited to bring the flavors of South America to the North American market.

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